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At the Greater Dickson Gas Authority it’s our goal to improve the welfare of the communities we serve by providing quality natural and propane service at competitive rates.

Appliance Sales:
Customers can purchase natural or propane gas appliances, view our appliances, and talk with experienced sales representatives about the best applications for your needs.


Appliance Financing:
We offer interest free financing on our appliances for either 12-24 months.  Those payments can be added to your monthly gas bill.

Free “Service Calls” 
We provide a “no service charge”, within certain broad guidelines,  to the customer on our systems for work performed by our personnel during normal business hours.  We strive to be a favorable customer service company and we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for those extra service charges that other companies charge you for.  Providing customer service is why we’re in the business.   Every effort will be made to see that all calls are answered in a timely manner, and in most circumstances, during normal business hours on the same day.  Due to heavy seasonal overload of calls to be worked during the peak heating season (October through March), service calls may be rolled over to alternative dates to assist GDGA with handling of calls.

Listed below are some of our “no service charge” services we provide;

checkmarkCheck for leaks for either natural or propane gas 24 hours a day
checkmarkAppliance safety inspection
checkmarkAppliance burner/controls adjustments (charge for parts/installation, if needed)
checkmarkPilot light turned-on and cut out
checkmarkResidential appliance disconnection for removal (piping capped but not removed)
checkmarkMeter turn-off, turn-on for new customers

Budget Billing

GDGA offers budget billing to qualified natural & propane gas customers.  Varying monthly bills due to higher gas usages in peak winter periods and the fluctuating costs of gas prices from gas producers may inconvenience our customers.  To alleviate this problem we offer this program to allow our customers to pay their total yearly bill amount in equal payments.  This plan allows you the customer to know in advance the amount of your monthly bill.

Natural Gas Budget Billing Policy

Customers are billed in equal monthly payments for (11) months, at the end of the twelve month period the account will be adjusted to reflect the difference (debit or credit).  A monthly bill will be received by the customer each month.  The bill will indicate the budgeted amount to pay as well as showing the customer’s credit or balance owing.  The account will have to be paid in full in the  settlement month before the customer may continue budget billing for the coming year. Sign up for budget billing may be done at any time during the year but will not become active on the bill until the revenue month of June. Requirements are:

checkmarkResidential and small commercial customers only.
checkmarkHomeowners and rental customers are both eligible.
checkmarkCustomer must have a history of (1) one year of continuous service.
checkmarkPenalty will apply to budgeted amount.

If customer fails to pay, service will be discontinued as normal.  If service is discontinued for nonpayment, customer will have to establish a history of one year continuous service with a pay rating between excellent, good or normal to reapply for the budget billing program.  Customer may transfer their budget billing from one account to another or from one type of gas (natural/propane) to another.

Propane Gas Budget Billing Policy

Budget billing allows customers to budget monthly payments and receive automatic delivery service on a routine basis. Customers are billed in equal monthly payments for eleven (11) months, the twelfth (12) month (which is called the settlement  month) is used to balance up with the customer.  A monthly bill will be received by the customer each month. The bill will indicate the budgeted amount to pay as well as showing the customer credit or balance owing.  In addition, finance charges will not be applied as long as budget payments remain current (paid monthly).  The budget billing year begins in August and the settlement month is in July.  The account will have to be paid in full during the settlement month before the customer may continue budget billing for the coming year.  Applications will be accepted on an existing customer that meets the requirements listed below through June 30 of each year.  Requirements are:

checkmarkResidential and small commercial customers only. Homeowners only.
checkmarkCustomer must have a history of one year of continuous service.
checkmarkCustomer must have an acceptable pay rating, which is based on the following:
     No more than five(5) finance charges accrued to account in the past year.
     Gas service cannot be disconnected more than two(2) times in the past year.
checkmarkCustomer cannot have more than two(2) returned checks on the account in the past year.
checkmarkPenalty would apply to budgeted amount.
checkmarkIf customer fails to pay, service will be discontinued as normal.
checkmarkIf service is discontinued for nonpayment, the customer would be changed to a COD (Cash on Delivery) status, which is the policy of all disconnected propane accounts and the amount owed would be due in full.

The customer who meets the requirements must sign a Budget Billing form.  The form will specify the monthly amount to be paid.  The rate is based on prior history of usage on the account.  The yearly tank rental is also figured into the rate. The recommended rate of payment is only an estimate.  Accounts will be evaluated in January of each year, which is half way through the budget year, to see if the budget rate needs to be adjusted.  If so, the Authority will notify the customer of any change prior to the monthly statement being billed.  Payment will be due on the 15th of each month.

No finance charges will be added if payment remains current.  If payment becomes delinquent (two monthly payments missed), the account will be automatically dropped from the Budget Billing plan, and payment is due in full.  No gas will be delivered until the bill is paid.  Rates will be re-figured during the month of June after all route deliveries for the heating season have been completed.  Also at this point, if the customer has accumulated a sizable credit, there is an option of leaving the credit on the account and lowering the monthly rate or refunding the credit at the customers request and leaving the rate as is or adjusting accordingly for the new budget billing year.

As long as the settlement bill is paid, the customer will automatically remain on the plan and will continue with a new monthly rate for the coming year. Customer will not be required to reapply and sign a new form.  If customer pays after July 30 and requests to go back on the budget billing plan, they will be required to pay the August bill with the new rate on it, which is the first payment for the new year in order to get caught up and back on schedule.  If customer’s account is disconnected, they will have forfeited their right to budget billing.  Once the service has been disconnected, the account is subject to be COD (Cash on Delivery) status.   

Payment Locations:

Payment of gas bills can be made at our office located at 605 East Walnut Street, Dickson, Tennessee.  An after hours depository is located within our drive thru location.  For your convenience, we also have banks & local utilities designated as pay stations.  Pay  stations accept current bills only.

Those designed locations are:

checkmark  Bank of Dickson

checkmark  Community Bank & Trust

checkmark  Dickson Electric System

checkmark  First Bank

checkmark  First Federal Bank

checkmark  Heritage Bank

checkmark  Pinnacle Bank

checkmark  Traditions First Bank

checkmark  TriStar Bank

checkmark  Water Authority of Dickson County

Senior Net Program:

The Senior Net program is designed for senior customers who receive a retirement, disability, or survivor’s benefit from social security, or a Veterans Administration Pension, and they receive their monthly income too late to avoid paying the larger gross amount of their bill.  To qualify you must be a residential customer and have a satisfactory pay rating and receive your monthly income too late to avoid paying the gross amount of your bill.  Also, you must complete a Senior Net Program Application certifying the fixed income is needed to pay your monthly gas bill.  Once your application is approved, you will be allowed to pay the net amount of your bill if you must pay after the due date.  However, this program does not prevent disconnection of service if you do not pay your bill monthly.

Bank Draft Payment Plan:

This plan allows you to avoid the inconvenience of having to write a check to pay your gas bill.  By this plan you don’t have to worry about your payment being delayed or lost in the mail and not being paid when you are out of town or on vacation.  To take advantage of this plan you must come into the office and complete the necessary forms so as to draft the amount from your banking institution.

50/50 Builders Plan:

This plan is designed to provide “general contractors” with a reduced rate outlet for gas water heaters and appliances.

“Contracting” means undertaking, for a fixed price, fee, commission, or gain of whatever nature, to construct, erect, alter, repair, supervise, superintend, oversee, direct, or in any manner assume charge of the construction, erection, alteration, or repair of part or all of any different projects under a single contract, equals or exceeds twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000). Abbreviated definition from 62-6-102, State of Tennessee Contractors License Law and Rules Regulations.

checkmarkA General Contractor will be required to provide the GDGA with a copy of his current general contractor’s license issued to him by the State of Tennessee.

checkmarkA Home Improvement Contractor will be required to provide the GDGA with a copy of his current home improvement license issued to him by the State of Tennessee.

checkmarkA Heat and Air Contractor and Plumbers will be required to provide the GDGA with a copy of his current business license.

checkmarkThe name of the contractor will be added to a list of contractors allowing the following purchases from the Gas Authority:

Gas appliances, forty (40) and (50) gallon residential water heaters whether a standard vent or direct vent  may be purchased for a reduced rate.  Commercial water heaters are excluded from this discount.


All purchases may be billed to the contractor and must be pre-approved by the contractor before pickup.  If a bill is not paid by the due date, then all future purchases will become C.O.D.

All purchases are for installation on Greater Dickson Gas Authority either natural or propane gas systems and are subject to inspection upon completion of installation.

The GDGA will install contractors appliances purchased from the Authority.  The cost for any appliance installed will be the normal and current installation price available to the public.  All Contractors are required to pickup all purchases.