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Leak Procedures  

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What’s that SMELL?  Could it be a Gas Leak?

Natural gas in its natural state, is odorless and colorless.  To be easily detected, Greater Dickson Gas Authority injects an odorant called mercaptan into the system.  This odor is highly concentrated that even the smallest amounts of natural gas can be detected.  Mercaptan gives off a foul smell, reminiscent of rotten eggs.  Any odor of this type within your home may indicate a possible leak. If you think you smell a faint odor of either natural or propane gas inside your home or business, we ask you to take this action:

checkmarkInvestigate immediately to try and determine location and possible source of leak.

checkmarkIf source of odor cannot be determined or located, call Greater Dickson Gas Authority immediately (24 hours a day).  A representative from the Authority will come to your location and make an inspection at no charge to you.

If a strong or persistent odor of gas is present in your home or business, or if you hear a hissing sound of escaping natural gas, follow this procedure.      

checkmarkEvacuate everyone from the building immediately.
checkmarkOpen windows and doors wide if possible to ventilate the building.  Start where odor is the strongest.  DO NOT re-enter the building for this purpose.
checkmarkDon’t use the telephone from inside the building.  This includes cellular phones and all types of portable communication and electronic devices that have a battery.  These can spark and create a source of ignition.  Go to the neighbors or a phone away from the building.
checkmarkDO NOT light matches or create any other source of ignition.
checkmarkDO NOT operate any electrical switches, appliance controls, or pull any plugs from outlets.
Close the cut-off value (shown in above picture) near the gas meter and DO NOT turn it on again.  A GDGA representative will turn it back on.