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Why CNG?

CNG is an abbreviation for Compressed Natural Gas. Compressed Natural Gas is exactly the same as the fuel that is delivered to our customer’s homes, but is simply compressed so that we can store more of it in one place. This allows us to use CNG to fuel generators, tractor trailers, and even your own automobile! CNG is a great alternative fuel because it is cleaner, cheaper, and greener than gasoline.


Natural gas consists primarily of methane, a molecule with the chemical formula CH4. Due to methane having only one carbon atom in its chemical structure (CH4), it releases approximately one-eighth the carbon atom emissions that gasoline (which is largely made up of octane, C8H18) releases. Even against a renewable source of energy, ethanol (C2H6O), natural gas still emits half of the carbon atoms that ethanol emits.


As the United States continues to import oil, the price of gasoline will continue to rise. Thanks to the increased production of natural gas caused by the fracking of shale, among other techniques, the price of natural gas is at a low. According to AAA, as of June 2015, the national average for the price of gasoline was $2.75.

When the Greater Dickson Gas Authority CNG station comes online, we will be selling CNG to any properly equipped vehicle, at the gallon of gas equivalent (gge) of less than $2.00!


CNG is not only cleaner, but is also greener and better for the environment. In addition to reduced carbon emissions, CNG powered vehicles have great emission reductionsgo green with gas such as:

  • Carbon monoxide emission reduced up to 75%
  • Nitrogen oxide emission reduced by approximately 50%
  • Particle matter emissions reduction of up to 95%
Source for Above

Research is also being conducted into further reducing the environmental impacts of natural gas fracking and drilling, in addition to the research being done in increasing the efficiency of natural gas . Thanks to the early adoption of new natural gas technology, CNG is on the fast track to becoming the best new alternative energy source for transitioning from fossil fuels.