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Gas Hazards

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All across the world, millions of homes are being served by both natural & propane gas.  They are used in our everyday usages; for life’s fuel conveniences such as heating water, drying clothes, cooking food, and heating & cooling our homes.  But just like all other forms of energy, if not used properly – it can be dangerous.   Both natural & propane are flammable gases. They must BE RESPECTED!


fireiconAn open flame or pilot light can ignite any combustible material that might be in the vicinity.  Keep all combustible materials such as paper, paints, solvents, etc. away from any gas appliance. 
683282_explosionGas can be ignited by open flames or sparks.  Never allow unburned natural or propane gas to escape into your home or basements.  Any type of spark, flame, lit match or cigarette, or even just the flick of a light switch can ignite the unburned gas causing a possible explosion. 
co2Natural & propane gas in itself isn’t poisonous.   Gas burners that aren’t adjusted properly or vents that are not vented properly can produce carbon monoxide.  Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, non-visible gas that can be formed when fuels like charcoal, coal, gasoline, kerosene, natural or propane gas, oil, or wood are burned without a sufficient supply of air.  Carbon Monoxide can be produced when appliances are not properly installed, maintained or used; when vent pipes become plugged with debris; when vent pipes have gaps, leaks, spaces and rust-through spots; and when appliances are improperly vented (All vented type appliances must be properly vented to the outside).  Exposure to carbon monoxide poisons the body and can cause collapse or even death.  Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, and nausea.  To avoid its danger, always make sure that your appliances are installed properly and periodically inspected to insure that they are properly adjusted and vented to the outside.  Any time you feel you might have a problem with (CO) call the Greater Dickson Gas Authority. 
oxyBoth natural & propane gas (which is non-poisonous) can cause suffocation if it’s allowed to replace oxygen you breath in the air.  Never allow gas from an appliance to leak or build up in an enclosed area or room.