605 East Walnut Street Dickson, Tennessee 37055615-441-2830 or EMERGENCY - 24 Hours: 615-441-2830 and press 3Monday thru Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm


We’ve had customer reports that they are receiving text messages claiming to be owed a refund for overpayment. These messages claim to be from the Gas Authority. This is a SCAM. We do not send out such texts. Overpayments are simply added as credits to your account. Disregard any such text you receive.


Beginning October 15, 2020, GDGA will resume Disconnection of Service for Non-Payment of Accounts and the generation of Late Fees. For questions regarding payment of outstanding balances, please call us at (615) 441-2830 or 1 (800) 903-8247. Click here for additional information regarding organizations that can offer help for utility bills.

To better serve our customers, GDGA will no longer charge Convenience Fees for payments made On-line or via our Interactive Voice Payment System.

WELCOME to Greater Dickson Gas!    We believe in Safety and System Integrity. If you smell gas in your home, call us for help. Our number is 615-441-2830, or you can call us toll-free at 1-800-903-8247.  If you have received a solicitation for insurance to cover your house piping in the mail, it did not originate with Greater Dickson Gas Authority and is not affiliated with the Authority.  If you are experiencing trouble with your house piping, give us a call and we can check out your house piping at no cost. 

You have the right to request a gas safety device called an EFV (excess flow valve) be added to your natural gas service line. Click the link for details.

Your hometown “Natural & Propane Gas” Company!

We have compiled a number of resources that should assist you in the understanding of the company; it’s goals, along with the products and services we render.  We also would like to solicit our customers, to use this site as feedback in order to express any problems or unfortunate experiences that one might have incurred while dealing with the Authority.  

Yes, we’ll even take a compliment for a job “well done” or customer service suggestions and ideas for enhancing our services!  With your feedback, improvements to our services can be made to better serve our valued customers in the future.  Contact Us Here…

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