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Appliance Safety

Natural & propane gas are the safest and most reliable fuels available.  At Greater Dickson Gas Authority, we want you to know how to use gas appliances safely.We encourage everyone in your household to learn how to properly operate appliances and to become familiar with safety precautions.  It also is important that you operate and maintain your gas equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.

If you have any questions or need help, experienced GDGA personnel can assist you.  Please contact us.


How to get the most out of your gas appliances:

checkmarkPeriodically, you should inspect the burner flames of your gas appliance.  The flame should burn with a clear blue color.  If it is blue, chances are your burner is adjusted properly and is doing its job.  A yellow flame may indicate that your burner isn’t operating efficiently.  Call GDGA for a trained technician to perform any needed adjustments.

checkmarkDon’t try to service gas burners yourself – call a qualified technician or call the GDGA for a trained technician to come out to your home to spot and solve any problems.

checkmarkBe sure to have your gas logs or heater cleaned and serviced before every heating season.

checkmarkCarbon Monoxide can come from many sources, not just natural or propane gas equipment.   If you have an attached garage, you could have a problem with carbon monoxide.  Even cigarettes produce carbon monoxide.  It’s never a bad idea to have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed in your home.